Storage your ship unconcerned covered or on shore

Besides good maintenance is protection of you ship during the winter months not less important. At our shipyard you can storage your sailing- or motorship on a covered  storage and a storage on shore. The storage is located right on the IJsselmeer. 

We offer you an accurate and safe storage of you ship, with modern material. 

If desired we can pick up your ship out of the home harbour in Holland and bring it back in spring.

Book now the winter storage for your ship for 2022-2023 and pay only
€ 36,00m2 for covered storage 
€ 18,00m2 for winterstorag on shore
(named prices are incl. VAT and excl. krane the ship). 

Download the pricelist and the winterstorage agreement
Download the conditions of the NJI/Metaalunie

You can storage your ship with standing mast and it stays on a closed ground. 
Of course it is also possible to work on your ship by yourself! But only in consultation with the Shipyard. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact u. A lot is possible!