New build: Service Vessel

In September we will start building a service vessel. Several of this model have also been built as shrimp cutters. Drawings are provided by Scheepsbouwkundig Bureau Herman Jansen.

Length over all: 19.95 meters
Length over the waterline: 17.70 meters
Width over the waterline 5.80 meters
Draught: 2.60 meters
Frame distance: 450 mm
GT +/- 75

Until then we are working on a 2nd Dutchman 56 for Sturier Yachts and the rebuilding of a 20 meter motor vessel.

Other rounded projects

The new build 'Salonboot' has left our Shipyard.
We are wishing the crew a safe voyage.



Shrimpcutter, the WR50

A Shrimpcutter, the WR 50

Length: 23.60 metres
Width      6.20 metres
Depth:     1.80 metres
Desig:    Scheepsbouwkundig Bureau Herman Jansen


The refit of the SCH10 is ready.

The shrimpcutter has become a new wheelhouse, new winches, new booms and new hydraulic. We wish the 'Drie Gebroeders' a very good catch!